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About Us

The HANGOUT project aims to re-engage NEETs and marginalised young people into education by developing innovative, non-formal learning programmes that attract even the most reluctant learners and set them on their path to fulfilment and inclusion. To achieve this, the HANG OUT consortium will work with adult and community educators who are at the front-line of second-chance education and provide them with essential continuous professional development training. This training will support them to deliver digital media skills training to NEETs as a means of re-engaging them in mainstream education, as well as their pedagogic skills to integrate embedded learning, challenge-based learning, digital tools and social media into their teaching practice. Through building their digital competences, adult educators will be better equipped to engage NEETs remotely, thereby overcoming several barriers to classroom-based participation by providing them access to an online site of interactive and engaging digital resources.

Project Results

Project result 1

The HANGOUT Continuous Professional Development Programme for Adult Educators will support these professionals to deliver digital media skills training to NEETs. The emphasis is on developing their digital skills and competences, so they feel comfortable delivering the 60 seconds on, 60 minutes on curriculum.

This Programme includes:

  • 4-hour induction to HANGOUT
  • 21 hours of face-to-face content focused on the technical skills of adult educators
  • 35 hours of self-directed learning resources

Project result 2

The Project Result 2 will consist of 12 WebQuests that will support NEETs and young adults to develop digital media content and give them a voice concerning prevalent topics that need to be addressed across Europe.

Through 6 of these WebQuests, learners will be supported to produce a 60 second TikTok video about one of the following topics: Mental health awareness, Drug/Alcohol use, Sexual health, Sexual orientation, Social anxiety, Peer pressure.

Through the other set of 6 WebQuests, learners will be supported to publish a 60-minute-long podcast on the following topics:

Social media and mental health, Climate change and climate anxiety, Money worries – financial literacy, Employment prospects after a pandemic, Physical health and obesity in Europe, Body image and self-confidence.

Project result 3

The MOOC platform will provide access to gamified online modules of the CPD programme and the WebQuest resources. For each of the gamified modules, there will be a self-assessment quiz. Young adults will be able to upload their 60-second video or 60-minute podcast to add it to the library of digital media created by young adults and NEETs across Europe.

Who we are?

The HANGOUT project consists of 7 partners from 7 EU countries – Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and Cyprus.


ARPIS Reginal association for the social inclusion (Spain) is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in the city of Torrevieja, Valencian community, Spain. The city with more than 100000 inhabitants is unique for its multicultural atmosphere. More than 50% of the residents are foreigners. Because of this the city attract people from many countries and cultures. Our work started as a volunteer help to the people from local community. We provide practical help with solving the problems and removing the barriers defending full inclusion into society especially for the individuals and families with disadvantaged social background.

The Rural Hub

The Rural Hub is a not-for-profit organisation based in County Cavan. We specialise in the development of innovative educational materials and digital resources. These resources aim to address a wide range of target groups including marginalised adult learners, disadvantaged young people not in employment, educations or training (NEETs), older persons, individuals in vulnerable employment, migrant learners and entrepreneurs engaged in the creative sector, with a specific focus on the rural community.


The Alliance of Trainers and Consultants inspires and supports more than 400 trainers and consultants working in the Czech Republic. We bring knowledge, skills, tools and inspiration from the world of European projects! The Alliance of Trainers and Consultants is based in Opava, but operates throughout the Czech Republic.

Acumen Training

ACUMEN (Poland) is a private company specializing in training, consulting, media production and e-Learning.


Skills Elevation FHB (Germany), based in Berlin, are industry leaders in the development, piloting and roll-out of innovative digital media learning formats and their application in a range of educational settings. These formats include online learning, mobile & blended learning resources, gamification and challenge-based learning and modular training materials for virtual learning environments.

Skills Elevation FHB believe in empowering and upskilling educators, teachers and trainers who work with disadvantaged young people, youth not currently engaged in employment, education or training (NEETs), and marginalised adult learners who are seeking to re- engage with learning.


We are Cyprus' leader in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. We create and implement research and educational projects of social impact (particularly in the fields of social inclusion, employment, entrepreneurship, migrant integration and sustainable development) and manage "Hub Nicosia," a pioneering social innovation hub which houses and supports organizations, entrepreneurs and enterprises with social or environmental mission.


SOLUTION (France) is an association based in Paris that promotes social inclusion through non-formal education and European training courses.

The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among young people by proposing several kinds of actions fostering intercultural dialogue, encouraging democratic participation among groups that are excluded from social dynamics, increasing young people's soft and hard skills, designing educational programs to open minds and strengthening fair dynamics between generations.

Solution operates in a multicultural and socially complex environment: in the east of Paris, there are more than 70 different ethnic communities whose younger adults may face economic difficulties, as well as social and labor exclusion. Such groups are often excluded from extra scholar offers, which may help them to acquire new skills enabling a better integration into society. Solution's mission is to propose to these people non-formal education activities bringing together different publics and stimulating, this way, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue while promoting the acquisition of soft and hard skills useful for professional and social purposes.


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